danish design through bang & olufsen, fritz hansen, georg jensen, louis poulsen and royal copenhagen. for generations, these five danish companies have so precisely expressed the essence of the scandinavian design tradition that many of their products have gained enduring worldwide recognition. working in sound & vision, furniture, jewelry & silverware, lighting and porcelain, these great danes have always had different approaches to form and function. yet, by continuously reflecting and influencing danish culture, the vision they share - of making everyday life better and more beautiful - has had a profound impact far beyond denmark. the ikon exhibition mirrors the fascinating story behind the genesis of some of the all-time masterpieces of danish design. this is a selection of signature pieces created by visionaries with a real interest in the relationships between shape and craftsmanship, and between individual and object. ikon is curated with the aim of showing the artistic forces of danish design refracted through a prism. when light strikes a prism of crystal, the rays are refracted, gaining volume, color and shape. these renowned companies have functioned as prisms for designers, sculptors, architects and engineers, both avant-garde and traditional to create what have become past, present and future icons.

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