To Eat is to Travel


The national Danish financial newspaper Børsen did a travel issue in their weekly magazine Børsen Pleasure. We talked about travelling for food, and how food can be like travelling in it self, and a way to understand and experience other contries and cultures. We all gotta eat, right?

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Had the pleasure of talking to journalist Julie Moestrup for a portrait in the Danish financial newspaper Børsen and their lifestyle magazine Børsen Pleasure.

Link here: http://pleasure.borsen.dk/portraet/artikel/1/314938/den_kulturelle_bykonges_bekendelser.html

(in Danish)


Man about town

Was asked to recommend what’s good about town this week by the national newspaper Politiken. It was a fixed format that didn’t leave much space for the weekly football game or a walk in the park, but seems there was plenty to do anyway.

Read here: Jonas Hartz recommends

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