To Eat is to Travel


The national Danish financial newspaper Børsen did a travel issue in their weekly magazine Børsen Pleasure. We talked about travelling for food, and how food can be like travelling in it self, and a way to understand and experience other contries and cultures. We all gotta eat, right?

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New York is a city that never ceased to amaze. So much to see, so much to do. This time around I focused on restaurants which is a never ending quest in New York.

Here is some of the ones visited and all to be recommended:

Marea, Estela, Marlow & SonsNoMad, Sushi Seki, Mission CantinaThe Spotted PigPrime MeatsIvan Ramen, Narcissa, Motorino, Bodega Negra and more…

Greatest experience might have been to go to Flushing Queens to be introduced to the best Chinese local cuisine out there. Mind blowing.


Superfuture has for quite some years been the first mover on the web when it comes to city guides, shopping and city hopping. The opening of Llama Restaurant hit the supernews feed and we’re happy to be on it.

Read: superfuture

Dezeen and designboom

The first real design blog on the internet was designboom. Fresh from 1999 and still one of the most influential design websites to this day. In 2006 Dezeen was launched and rapidly grew to become one of, if not the most, influential design and architecture sites as well with more than 3 million unique visitors a month.

Both websites featured the design of Llama this week. On behalf of the whole Llama team: cofoco, kiloBIG and Hz – thank you!

Links: Dezeen featuring Llama – designboom on Llama


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  • Børsen Pleasure
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  • Børsen Pleasure
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  • Børsen Pleasure
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  • Børsen Pleasure
    Børsen Pleasure 05.22.14

Børsen Pleasure has done a piece on Llama and the ongoing international south american/latin american cuisine trend in the latest edition of the national financial newspaper. Denmark has been kind of closed off to any culinary inspiration from outside due to the New Nordic cuisine wave that has been the major trend around these parts for the last 7-8 years. That is slowly changing and maybe Copenhagen is now ready to mix it up a little. After all, variety is the spice of life



Eating Hearts

Grand old man of food critics in Denmark Mr. Søren Frank came by our newly opened restaurant Llama the other day. He ate our hearts and gave it 4/6 stars. In his opinion, Denmark has the highest level of mid-range restaurants in the world (we have the best restaurant in the world too, being noma).

So, according to him, the 4 stars is literally a michelin star for medium priced restau’s like Llama. We don’t care for Michelin stars, but we are happy like Pharrel for this one. Come by and make up your own mind. That’s what really counts.

Read the article here (in Danish) 


Man about town

Was asked to recommend what’s good about town this week by the national newspaper Politiken. It was a fixed format that didn’t leave much space for the weekly football game or a walk in the park, but seems there was plenty to do anyway.

Read here: Jonas Hartz recommends

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What’s Cooking?

Looking forward to be a part of this one.

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