To Eat is to Travel


The national Danish financial newspaper Børsen did a travel issue in their weekly magazine Børsen Pleasure. We talked about travelling for food, and how food can be like travelling in it self, and a way to understand and experience other contries and cultures. We all gotta eat, right?

Friends of Llama

Happy to read the national Danish newspaper Politiken this weekend, to see the talented Danish actress Mille Dinesen looking fit at Llama.



Soundvenue came by early to check out the scene at Natbar before the KILL J performance the other night. Read here

Skærmbillede 2014-01-14 kl. 23.17.24

Down with VICE


Hz has been working with VICE Media Inc in Denmark on several projects during 2013.

Excited to be a part of a new team of media rock’n’rollers with the agenda of telling the best stories out there and to create amazing content.

Hz was responsible for strategic partnerships and working with creative content development for several clients and partners.