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Interior design Jah Izakaya & Sake Bar 2017

Jah Izakaya & Sake Bar

New project coming up: Jah Izakaya & Sake Bar is soft launching this week after 6 months in the making. Exciting times. Stay tuned for more updates and details about this project.





Llama Bar & Restaurant is featured on the cover of the renowned Italian interior and architecture magazine Abitare. Grazie mille. Quite the honour.

The magazine can be downloaded for free here





Superfuture has for quite some years been the first mover on the web when it comes to city guides, shopping and city hopping. The opening of Llama Restaurant hit the supernews feed and we’re happy to be on it.

Read: superfuture

Dezeen and designboom

The first real design blog on the internet was designboom. Fresh from 1999 and still one of the most influential design websites to this day. In 2006 Dezeen was launched and rapidly grew to become one of, if not the most, influential design and architecture sites as well with more than 3 million unique visitors a month.

Both websites featured the design of Llama this week. On behalf of the whole Llama team: cofoco, kiloBIG and Hz – thank you!

Links: Dezeen featuring Llama – designboom on Llama


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