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Before the talk at Heartland with Camilla Plum and Sandor Katz, I participated in a wild fermentation workshop with the “King of Kraut” Sandor Katz at Camilla Plums beautiful FuglebjerggĂ„rd farm. It was a great experience and a masterclass on the wicked world of fermentation and what happens inside and outside our bodies when we let the the wild things grow.

Byens Bedste Llama

For the second year in a row, Llama has been awarded “Best Restaurant on a Budget” at the annual AOK Byens Bedste Award. It feels good to be no. 1 – even better to be no.1 twice. Thank you to everybody that voted and all the happy guests. Llama loves you.




It was a great pleasure to participate in the “creative board” at Heartland Festival this year. And also mediating between Camilla Plum and Sandor Katz on their talk about the art of fermentation and everything rotten.